TV Art Direction and creative project management

With over 18 years of experience in TV graphics, creative art direction and project management, I have led some of the most ambitious graphic projects in the TV industry to success (elections, World Cups, Olympics, multiple graphic redesigns, among others). I specialize in pipeline and workflow design for graphic systems.

My clients include some of the biggest networks worldwide (NBC, CBS, TNT, Televisa, Global TV Canada, CCTV China, etc).

I’ve been awarded with an EMMY for innovation, nominated for 2 more and won several promaxBDA awards. I’ve been lucky to work with fantastic teams that help that happen.

Real-time graphics implementation

I have experience in operation and team leadership for Real-Time broadcast graphic systems such as Viz-RT, AVID (formerly ORAD),ROSS Xpression and Unreal Engine.

Some areas of implementation include NEWS, SPORTS and ENTERTAIMENT with projects such as:

– Full graphics workflow implementation from art department to master control room. (NRCS, control room integration, automation systems, MAM, etc)
– Virtual sets and augmented reality (studio and outdoor)
– Interactive screens for talent in studio
– NLE implementation
– OBvan on-site graphic workflows

3D animation/Design and Motion graphics

I started my career as a very enthusiastic and dedicated 3D and motion graphics animator, combining it later with Real-time systems operation. It continues to be my passion and “go-to” tool for projects creation.

Why?… I love communicating powerful ideas through motion. It makes me happy.


I enjoy continuosly trying new forms of art. I have explored photography, music composition, shadow sculpture and am looking forward to the next challenge!